Do You Run A Partner Organisation?

Rob understands the Technology Channel well having worked with Distributors, Systems Integrators, Resellers and Vendors for most of his career.

If you are looking to run Channel Partner Events or to find ways to improve the capabilities of Your Channel then Rob's work is likely to be a good fit.

Your Channel Partners, and in turn Your Business, will benefit from one or both of two streams of material Rob has put together as outlined below.

How To Build A Business That Others Will Want To Buy

Many Channel Partners are Entrepreneurial businesses that their founders are building with a view to an ultimate exit.

This material will give them insights into how to build attractive businesses, into the ways Channel Business Acquirers assess others for acquisition and into the typical processes and pitfalls of Business Sale transactions.

The material is likely to be a good fit for your Partner Conferences or to add Business Content to Channel Events showcasing your technology.

How To Show Your Business Leader Prospects You Know What You Need To Know

If your ultimate End User Customers are Business Leads rather than Technical Leads, this material is likely to be a good fit.

The purpose of this series of programmes is to give Sales Executives a Business Leader perspective on Selling To Business Leaders and can enhance the sales capability of Your Channel.

This material is not traditional Sales Training, its a Business Leader perspective on what Sales Executives need to know and How To Sell To Business Leaders.

Check out Rob’s background video: A Road Less (And More!) Travelled At: