Sales Executive

If you are a Meeting Planner organising a Sales Conference, a Sales Director organising a Sales Kick-Off, a Channel Leader organising a Channel Partner Event or a Sales Leader seeking to improve your team's performance then Rob's material and experience is likely to be a good fit.

Rob has developed a group of programmes specifically for Sales Professionals whose role requires them to sell to Business Leaders entitled:

The Credibility Foothold: How To Show Your Business Leader Prospects You Know What You Need To Know And How To Know It™️

Rob's had experience as a Sales Leader in addition to a variety of C Level Roles and as such is well placed to understand the challenges faced by Sales Professionals and to provide very much a Business Leader perspective on Selling To Business Leaders.

Rob shares ideas captured in his B2BcxoSelling™️ methodology and other tools Sales Professionals can use in dealing with C Level prospects.

Check out Rob's Background Video: A Road Less (And More!) Travelled At: