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Rob is founder of Outperformance Highway and Outperformance Highway is now his main site.

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Rob Evans is a Global Speaker, Corporate Teacher and Sounding Board to Leaders, Entrepreneurs, CFOs and Sales Executives Selling To Business Leaders.

I have been lucky enough (it wasn’t planned this way!) to have Worked Inside Over 150 Operating Businesses Around The World, to have been Closely Involved In Over 50  Business Acquisitions, to have Visited Nearly 100 Countries and to have been Nominated For A CFO Of The Year Executive Award in South Africa in 2014.

I now help Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, CFOs, Sales Executives (Selling To Business Leaders) and Heads of Departments around the world to improve skills and mindsets and in turn improve both the performance of their respective businesses and the quality of their own and others’ lives.

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Experience, Insights & Pragmatic Frameworks To Inspire Outperformance

No-one has a monopoly on the world's ideas.

There's lessons we can all learn from each other and I enjoy sharing what I've learnt over the years, through things I've found have worked and things that haven't, and I equally enjoy learning from others.

In my work I share my experiences of seeing many individuals, teams and companies perform well and many others perform less well, often with similar resources and opportunities available to them.

I put structure to that experience in ways that others can choose to use in their day to day roles.  I recognise that my work only has value if others can use it in ways that benefit them.

I've long been fascinated by Individual, Team And Company Outperformance and what drives it, particularly because on several occasions I've been tasked with Leading Business Turnarounds, some have gone very well and others have gone not so well.  All have taught me a lot of lessons.

Business is all about getting stuff done, but in our endless and urgent quest for numbers (and I've pushed very hard in the past!)  I think it can sometimes be forgotten that it is engaged people that get stuff done.

I think it's dreadful that we have a less than fully engaged workforce around the world and all of us need to work together to fix that, for the sake of all of us.

Businesses need proactive engaged people to drive success, human talent will be vital in the transformative and disruptive years ahead of us, and a major lesson I've learnt over the years is that Outperformance Is Never A Fluke.

I've learnt that great leaders find ways to carefully and deliberately design, build and nourish great environments that create the conditions for team success.  Meanwhile others focus on pushing for numbers without fully thinking through the consequences of how they at times inadvertently undermine their ability to drive those very numbers they seek.

My work is centred on how we can build great environments that deliver great results and I've encapsulated what I've learnt within several frameworks and models including PPMCLeadership™️,  The 10 C's Of Outperformance™️, The 3 Levels Of Endeavour™️ and The Natural Cycle Of Team Success™️.

I look forward to sharing these models and the lessons I've learnt with you as we work together to achieve your objectives.

Audience Specific Material

Rob has personally developed four sets of Keynotes and Masterclasses tailored for specific audiences based on his extensive operational experience and research into successful businesses and sports teams.

The material can be delivered in a variety of formats including 15-90 minute Keynotes and Masterclasses ranging from 2 hours to 2 days in length.

Rob has taken great care to ensure this material delivers impact, is thought provoking, informative, inspiring and entertaining by combining personal, real business and sports team illustrative stories from his wealth of experience to keep attendees engaged and learning.

Every assignment is tailored to align with the objectives of the event organisers and the needs of the audience.

For Leaders

From Bosnian Bus Rides To Escaping A Cul De Sac, How To Thrive In Our Disrupted Age™️

This material is for Leaders hungry to find ways to deliver improved business, department or team performance and is tailored to the audience appropriately whether they are CEOs, Department Heads or Team Leaders. Rob has seen many individuals and teams perform well and many others perform less well and this material shares the lessons of all his experience from around the world and frames it in the context of the challenges ahead as we move into a Fourth Industrial Revolution.

For CFOs

It May Only Be The Fourth Industrial Revolution But We Need CFO 7.0 And We Need You Now™️

This material is for CFOs and other Upwardly Mobile Finance Professionals hungry to improve their business skills.  It's as relevant for individuals keen to be perceived as a truly Commercial CFO for their organisation as it is for those who perhaps are looking to progress beyond finance into a general management role.  Rob shares his experience as an Award Nominated CFO and engagement  with over 150 operating companies and many more finance professionals around the world.

For Entrepreneurs

Don’t Lock Yourself Out Of An Exit, How To Craft A Business Others Will Want To Buy™️

This material is for Entrepreneurs looking to build a business with an ultimate exit in mind and combines leadership material with the lessons of Rob's extensive acquisitions experience from around the world.  Included within the material are common pitfalls that many owner managers face as they look to sell their business and ways that they can expect acquirers to assess their company. Rob shares valuable insights from his involvement in over 50 acquisitions mainly from a buyer perspective.

For Sales Executives

How To Show Your Business Leader Prospects You Know What You Need To Know & How To Know It™️

This material is for Sales Executives whose role requires them to sell to Business Leaders.  Rob's had experience as a Sales Leader in addition to a variety of C Level Roles and as such is well placed to understand the challenges faced by Sales Professionals and to provide very much a Business Leader perspective on Selling To Business Leaders.   Rob shares ideas captured in his B2BcxoSelling™️ methodology and other tools Sales Professionals can use in dealing with C Level prospects.