Insights & Outtakes

The Cornerstone Principles In Outperformance

Here Rob highlights the five cornerstone foundations that are consistently meaningful and embedded in successful businesses.

Ingredients Of Outperforming Teams

In this video Rob highlights the typical ingredients present in outperforming teams.

For Entrepreneurs Building Towards Exit

This video highlights five matters for consideration by entrepreneurs that have an eye on a future exit.

Selling To Executives

This video highlights five recommended areas of focus for sales professionals when dealing with senior executive prospects.

Why Play Out Of Position?

Passionate about people, Rob is frustrated that so many people seem unhappy in their roles.  

In this video Rob laments that employee engagement remains so stubbornly low in our modern work environment, a fact he partly attributes to a large volume of people playing 'out of position'.

Seeing Promising Projects Through

Rob is equally comfortable adopting a formal or a more relaxed style to reflect the tastes of specific audiences.

In this more eclectic video Rob provides evidence for the importance of taking great care in deciding whether to continue or abandon a project.