Events & Learning

Rob Evans is a Global Speaker, Corporate Teacher and Sounding Board for Leaders, Entrepreneurs, CFOs and Sales Executives Selling To Business Leaders.

I’ve spent over 30 years working inside companies of all sizes, in all over 150 Operating Businesses Around The World, so I am not a Career Speaker though that is what I do now alongside Masterclasses and One on One Sounding Board Sessions with C-Level Executives.

Are You A Meeting Planner?

If you are looking to deliver Return On Investment for your Corporate Event or Conference then Rob's Keynotes, Talks and Masterclasses will provide attendees with Pragmatic Real World Operational Content And Tools that they can take away and use in their roles and in so doing help you deliver that Return On Investment for your event.

Rob's work centres on Delivering Real Commercial Impact In A Thought Provoking, Informative And Engaging Way.

The specific attendees where there is a likely fit with Rob's work are CEOs, Entrepreneurs, CFOs, Senior Executives, Heads Of Department and Sales Executives (those that are selling to Business Leaders).

Are You A Learning & Development Professional?

If you and your organisation are committed to developing your team then there are several functional roles in your organisation where there is likely to be a fit with Rob's work.

Rob runs Masterclasses that can range from 2 hours up to 2 reflective days in length.

All of Rob's focus is on improvement to both the individual and the business and his material addresses both mindset and skills development.

The specific roles in a corporate environment where there is likely to be a fit with Rob's experience and material are in working with CEOs, CFOs, Senior Executives, Heads of Department and Sales Executives (specifically those selling to Business Leaders).

Expert Real World Content

The foundations of Rob's material are varied and play a part, including:

  • Extensive international business experience with a hands on operational focus
  • Exposure to over 150 operating companies including over 50 acquisitions
  • Research into successful individuals, businesses and sports teams
  • Personal stories using humour to illustrate points
  • A focus on B2B, technology channel, telcos & professional services
  • Extensive business and personal travel
  • A lifelong passion for team sports
  • A keen interest in our world, it’s wildlife, nature and history
  • A vibrant energetic good humoured outlook to life

How do I operate?

I am committed to delivering value and careful about the opportunities I accept.

I'll only work on assignments where I feel our values and objectives are aligned and where I am confident I will add value to your event or project.

I don't 'have staff' so when you call or email you will be interacting directly with me.

I prepare well and from the outset I ask questions, that way I can best understand your perspectives, your organisation, your attendees and your objectives.

Check out Rob's Background Video: A Road Less (And More!) Travelled At: