If you are organising an Entrepreneurship Conference, a Channel Partner Event or if you are an Entrepreneur seeking to improve your business or to build it towards a sale then Rob's material and experience is likely to be a good fit.  

Rob has developed a group of programmes specifically for Entrepreneurs entitled:

Don’t Lock Yourself Out Of An Exit, How To Craft A Business Others Will Want To Buy™️

This material is for Entrepreneurs looking to build a business with an ultimate exit in mind and combines leadership material with the lessons of Rob's extensive business acquisitions experience from around the world.

Rob shares valuable insights from his involvement in over 50 actual or proposed acquisitions mainly from a buyer perspective.

Included within the material are lessons through experience of business sale processes, common pitfalls that many Entrepreneurs face as they look to build a business for sale and ways that Business Owners can expect acquirers to operationally assess their company.

Check out Rob's Background Video: A Road Less (And More!) Travelled At: