If you are a Meeting Planner organising a CFO Conference, Finance Professional Masterclass or Channel Partner Event, or if you are a CFO seeking to improve your own business skills, the performance of your business or the chances of your business being sold then Rob's experiences as a CFO, his involvement in numerous acquisitions around the world and the material he has put together specifically for CFOs is likely to be a good fit.

He is well placed to deliver guidance and insight to a wide variety of Finance Professionals, whether seeking to become compelling commercial contributors to their organisations or simply starting out in their careers.

During an extensive international career in a variety of companies and functional areas, Rob has had significant exposure to over 150 different business operating environments and over 50 acquisition projects around the world.

A Chartered Accountant, he was personally nominated for the CFO Awards in South Africa and the Group was nominated for Best Investor Communications, an AIM award, during his tenure as CFO of a $6.5Bn turnover dual listed group.

Rob has developed a group of programmes specifically for CFOs entitled:

It May Only Be The Fourth Industrial Revolution But We Need CFO 7.0 And We Need You Now™️

This material is for CFOs and other Upwardly Mobile Finance Professionals hungry to improve their business skills.  It's as relevant for individuals keen to be perceived as a truly Commercial CFO for their organisation as it is for those who perhaps are looking to progress beyond finance into a general management role.  Rob shares his experience as an Award Nominated CFO and engagement with over 150 operating companies and many finance professionals around the world.

Check out Rob's Background Video: A Road Less (And More!) Travelled At: